Activities Term 2 Week 8

This week was a short week but nonetheless with lots of activities and learning in class.  Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to take photos as was busy with the activities I was dealing with.  You will also find the pictures for the Show and Tell we had this week.

We dealt with: blends at the beginning of a word, number sequence to 50, kuluri, mixing primary colours to make secondary colours, mixing the 3 primary colours to make the colour brown, sillabi, building 3 & 4 letter words, building long vowel words, searching for beginning blend and long vowels in words, writing within the lines, din/dan, maskil/femminil, addition & subtraction, friends of 10, alphabet sequence, capitals and small letters.  As you see we do lots of revision in the way of games during the week as well.  It is very important to do this at home as well to keep concepts covered fresh in children’s brains.  Enjoy the few photos. 🙂

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