Thank you

Image result for a big thank you  A huge thank you to all of you for your lovely gifts.  The greatest gift you gave us was entrusting us with your children.

Thank you for all your support, co-operation and assisted help throughout the year.  Without you it would not have been such a great year.

Remember to  ‘stop and enjoy every moment’.  The children grow so quickly.

Happy Summer to all.

On behalf of Ms Sandra, Ms Michelle, Ms Jalisse and Mr Andre’ as well.


7 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Thanks to you and Ms. Sandra, Ms Jalisse, Mr. Andrè and Ms. Michelle for all your work and caring.

    Thanks also for the advice!:-)

    Wish you all a good summer.


  2. Dear Ms. Cynthia,

    Just a small note to thank you for this very fruitful year. Thanks to you all our Gabriella is another person. She managed to gain confidence and make new friends. We really appreciate your great efforts.

    Thanks again.

    Enjoy your much deserved holidays.

    Take care.

    Dorianne & Alexander Gauci

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  3. Dearest Ms Cynthia, Ms Sandra, Ms Jalisse and Mr Andre
    Thank you for everything you did for Max. Thank you for the beautiful (moving) gift you gave Max (and us) .
    Good Luck and have a good deserved rest
    God bless you all


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