Updates about next week’s activities

Dear all,

Many of you asked me about the activities happening next week.  I will try to answer as many as possible though am still awaiting some replies.

As of next week the children do not need to bring any of their books, flashcards, reference files, copybooks etc.  They can bring a small bag with lunch and drink only.  They can though bring a small toy to play with in class but also something that could be easily shared.  No gadgets are allowed and the children are fully responsible of what they bring.  All days are normal school hours.

  • Monday 19th: Going to the cinema.  The children need only a small backpack with lunch and drink.  Please also bring in the homework.
  • Tuesday 20th: Water Games.  An email has been sent by the SMT with all the details.  Mainly the children come dressed with their swimwear underneath (girls are ok with bikinis) their uniform.  In a separate bag they need to bring a towel, sandals or beach shoes, and swimming aids if needed.  They also need a t-shirt to swim with.  Do not forget a change of underwear to get out of their wet suits afterwards.  I also recommend a plastic bag to put all the wet items in.  Each child also needs a Euro 1 to buy an ice-cream later in the day.
  • Wednesday 21st: Celebration Ceremony.  The children come to class at the normal time, as we need to prepare them for the ceremony.  Parents make their way to the assembly hall.  Our Celebration will start at 8.30 and should take about an hour.  I am still awaiting a reply as to whether you can take the children with you afterwards if you so wish or if they will all need to stay at school till 1.30.
  • Thursday 22nd: Fun Day in class.
  • Friday 23rd: Class party and last day of school.  Below please find a list of what to bring for the party.  I had many parents who have not confirmed so I chose something for you to bring.  I also had parents who told me by word of mouth and because I did not write it down I forgot, so please if I wrote the wrong item let me know.

Timothy: apple Juice (large carton)

Jake B: cupcakes (20)

Emanuele: Orange juice (large carton)

Gabriella: popcorn (large pkt)

Mattia: Sausage rolls (octopus sausages)

Tenishia: Turkey roll sandwiches (12 small squares)

Clea: Crisps (large pkt)

Max: pastizzi (12 small)

Salishia: Qaghaq (20 small or 10 big ones)

Fahr: popcorn (large pkt)

Tirone: biscuits

Massimo: pizza

Oliver: crisps (large pkt)

Zach: pizza

Leo: biscuits

Jake M: nuggets (6)

Carla: apple juice (large carton)

Katrina: 2 chopped up apples

Giulia: melon (chopped up)

Sarah: panini with kunserva (12)

Giada: pastizzi (12 small)

Julia: orange juice (large carton)

Ali: popcorn (large packet)

Sofia: biscuits

Eve: panini with kunserva (12)

Matthias: nuggets (6)

James: nuggets (6)


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