Beach trip on Monday 12th

Dear all,

Many of you have been asking about the beach trip on Monday.

Please rest assured that all the children will be safe.  The beach is very small (just a small cove not a large beach) and the water shallow.  The children will be allowed to paddle in the shallow edge and not swim out.  Anyone who disrespects these instructions will be pulled out of the beach games.

Please take note of the below:

  • Children come dressed in their swimsuits under the uniform but wearing sandals not school shoes.
  • Children apply sunblock at home.
  • Children will need a hat/cap even if not the school cap.  Make sure it is labelled.
  • Children also need a t-shirt to wear on top of their swimwear to protect them from the sun.  Please make sure it is labelled.
  • In a bag the children need drink, a towel, a sand bucket and shovel.  All clearly labelled.
  • No need for food as we will be having pizza (Margherita) and ice-cream and another cold water.
  • In their bag the children also need a change of underwear so they can remove their wet swimwear once we are ready from the beach games.
  • I would also suggest a plastic bag so they can put their wet things in it.

Thank you all for your full co-operation.