Updates re events of June

Our last month of this scholastic year.  Where did the months go?

A month full of activities and events, so please book them in your diaries.

  • 5th June – no school due to election
  • 7th June – no school public holiday
  • 8th June – change of library books (last change of the year)
  • 12th June – Trip to Alfresco Beach in B’Bugia. (more info. next week)
  • 14th June – return of all library books
  • 14th June – Familiarisation visits to Junior 2 (children will spend some time in the junior 2 classes)
  • 15th June – Parents’ Conferences.  No school for the children but they come with you during your assigned appointment time.  Very important to keep to your appointment as each child has been assigned 10 minutes and I will need to stick to that as otherwise other people will be waiting.  Also please send in your confirmation slip.
  • 19th June – End of year trip to the Cinema in Fgura
  • 20th June – Water Games and fun games at school (more info. to follow closer to date)
  • 21st June – Continuation Ceremony at 8.30.  More info. closer to date.
  • 23rd June – last day of school, party day.  I would like you to let me know what you would like to contribute towards the party – food items or drinks.

As you can see a very full month of activities.  On top of these we will use these last weeks for revision of all concepts.  I will be sending any work that the children finish as it is finished.  Please keep everything so you can use it for revision over the summer months.  No summer booklet will be issued.


12 thoughts on “Updates re events of June

    1. HI Mrs Briffa. Cupcakes are fine. Please do not send too many. If small ones 27 are enough if big ones then 15 will be more than enough. They will have plenty of food and will go to waste. Otherwise send them on Thursday 22nd. Thanks.


  1. Hi Ms Cynthia,
    Can I send in some drinks pls? If so let me know what (water, Orange squash, Ribena?) and how much.


  2. …P.S. With Octopus sausages I mean sausages in the shape of an octopus and not fish ones (due to intolerances).



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