Show and Tell June

Dear all,

As of the 6th June our Show and Tell will be a bit different.  The children need to create a story.  This could be a story they draw and write a few sentences about or an online story.

I have shown the children how to create a story using an online site using

Here they can create an online story, choosing plot, character, scenes etc…  It is important that at the end of the story, when you are given the ‘magic code’ to take a record of that code.  The children will need to bring me that code to school for them to share their story with us.

I am not assigning dates to the children.  There are only a few weeks left so once the children create a story – online or otherwise, they bring it in to class and the first available moment we have we will look at their story.  Please do not make it pages long and with too many complex words for the children to be able to read themselves to the other children.

Enjoy creating.