Harbour Cruise outing

Dear all,

As you well know on Wednesday 31st we have our Harbour Cruise.  Ms Georgina is supposed to send you an official email with details.

  • Leave school at 8.30.  After dropping off the kids at usual time (7.50) parents can wait in the canteen till 8.30.
  • Children only need a small back pack with lunch and drink.
  • Children wear their uniform plus school runners and school cap.  Those who do not have a school cap can come with a dark blue or black one but not a fancy one with lots of colours.
  • Make sure to apply sunblock on the children before coming to school.
  • A bus will take us to the Sliema Ferries to catch the ferry around the harbour cruise.  You may obviously take photos of our lovely Grand Harbour.
  • We will return to Sliema at around 11.00 where we will then board the bus which will drop us at the Pembroke playgrounds where we will have our lunch and some time to play.
  • By 12.30 we will make our way (on foot) to school.
  • All children need to come back with us from the ferries.  If there are parents who live in Sliema and wish to leave they can do so then but the children need to come back with us.  Children will then need to be picked up from school at 1.30.

Looking forward to this last adventure together with you parents.  See you all then.


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