Reminder re tomorrow (Thursday 18th May)

Dear all,

May I remind you about tomorrow (Thursday 18th May):

  • Children come ready from home in their green outfits together with applied sunblock.
  • They bring with them a small back pack with lunch and drink.
  • They do not need to bring their uniform. We ve been given permission to go to San Anton in green. 
  • School shoes can be worn throughout.
  • Parents joining are encouraged to attend mass which will be held on the school turf.
  • Parents can bring a change of clothes if they want to to join us for our trip to San Anton.
  • After the Guinness Activity parents are encouraged to come down so we could leave right away.
  • Parents do not forget you need a pen and a device which takes photos for the trip to San Anton. Hopefully we ll manage to do our Treasure Hunt.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Reminder re tomorrow (Thursday 18th May)

  1. Hye miss thank you very mouch I want to inform you that Carla will came at school also Friday because my plan change , so I will bring homework Friday o directley Monday??? And she can use other shoes instead the school shoes? Thanks a lot I need to inform miss Marguerite ê miss sue about Friday? Thanks Nice day

    Inviato da iPhone



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