Updates – Sunflower event and Sports Day

Dear all,

Some updates regarding the two next events:

Sunflower and San Anton – 18th May (school hours)

Sports Day – 26th May (4.30 – 7.00 pm)

Sunflower event:

  • Parents who are coming to this event, can join us in class as soon as the Sunflower event is over outside.  (Most probably parents will be in a separate group from that of the classes though in the same area).
  • We will need help to change the children from their greens into their school uniform before we leave for San Anton Gardens.
  • If parents want to bring a change of top or trousers they can obviously change as well.
  • On the day the children do not need their school bag.  They need a small back pack with lunch and drink.  They need a bag with their uniform (clearly labelled), their school cap (if they have one) and applied sunblock from home.
  • Parents who are coming with us on the trip will also need a small lunch and drink.  Also needed will be a pen (as it needs to be used for the treasure hunt) and a device which takes photos (a mobile is ok).
  • Those children who will not be accompanied by parents, will be grouped with other parents as well as the teachers, so do not worry because you are not available.
  • Those who are meeting us over at San Anton Gardens, please be there just before 11.00.  I’m hoping to be able to leave school by 10.30 latest.

Sports Day:

  • This year sports day will be held on Friday 26th May.  It will be between 4.30 and 7.00 pm at the Luxol Football Ground (not the play area).
  • Each child will need a t-shirt (note with colour was sent out today) as well as white or black or navy blue shorts.
  • I will need the t-shirt at school by Monday 22nd May as we need to add some minor things to it (nothing that will damage the t-shirt).
  • For shoes the children need their school running shoes.  Please make sure they are the velcro ones as some children are coming with lace up runners at the moment which are constantly ending with loose laces.
  • On the day the children can apply a small symbol of a super hero on their cheeks, using face paints.
  • Mr Andre’ also needs some metal cans (like the polpa cans).  If you have any can you start sending them in.  It is very important that the top part is safe and covered by tape.  Leave the label on as Mr Andre’ needs to paint over them as paint will stick better if the label is on.

Thank you.  If you have any queries re the above please do not hesitate to contact me.


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