San Anton and Harbour Cruise

Dear All,

I would like to confirm names for our two trips.  Some people told me by word of mouth and I might have not listed you down.  I will forward the names on Friday so if your name is not down and you’d like to join us on both or one of the trips please let me know by tomorrow.  Many thanks.

San Anton Gardens:

Max, Sarah, Julia, Timothy, Zach x2, Carla, Giulia, James, Gabriella, Tenishia

Harbour Cruise:

Max, Sarah, Julia, Clea, Timothy x2, Zach, Carla, Gabriella, Giulia, Jake B., Tenishia, Emanuele, Salishia


8 thoughts on “San Anton and Harbour Cruise

  1. Dear Ms Cynthia,
    I had replied to another post to inform you that I will be joining you for both activities. I had also asked whether we are to pay anything to cover transport (for adults accompanying the children) as I do not remember having read any information about this.
    Elisa (Mattia’s mum)


    1. Hi. I must have missed that reply. My apologies. Re payment, Ms Georgina is waiting for confirmation from us, then will let us know exact fee.


  2. Hi Ms Cynthia

    Sorry for the late reply.

    May I kindly let you know that Giada and me are coming for both outings please.

    Thanks and Regards


  3. Good morning,

    Someone will be accompanying James to the harbour cruise on the 31st May. I don’t yet know whether I will be coming myself or if some other relative will be replacing me.



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