Sunflower update

Dear parents,

I had some parents asking where they can get the green tops and leggings from.

I also checked about what shade of green is accepted.

  • Any shade – mint, khaki, dark green, light green.

Some parents have already been to some shops to have a look.  This is what has been found.

  • Kiabi – green t-shirt in the boys’ section (is good for both boys and girls)
  • Terranova – mint three quarters leggings, khaki pants for boys

If you still do not manage to find then white tights or leggings and top can be easily dyed using either fabric dyes (from ironmonger) or food colouring.  Just fill up a basin with water, add the  colouring and a cup of salt and the garment you want to dye.   And voila’ – you have a green garment.

Hope this helps.  If still in trouble do not hesitate to contact me.  Other people who manage to find green items from other shops please inform us on the blog to help those who are still looking.


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