Sunflower update

Dear all.

We have the approval to go ahead and do the petals out of card.

All the children will prepare their own in class next week. As soon as I have one ready I ll post a picture so you can use it to create your own (for the adults).

All the children and yourselves, will need are a green top and green tights or leggings. A skirt or dress only will not be good enough as the legs need to be covered.

Also on the day (18th), the children will need to bring their uniform with them so they can change before going to San Anton.

May I please remind you to let me know if you will be coming with us to San Anton on the 18th, and on the harbour cruise on the 31st. Re San Anton I need to know by Tuesday please and Harbour Cruise by end of next week.

Many thanks.



8 thoughts on “Sunflower update

  1. Hi Ms Cynthia,
    Thanks for the update. I will be coming on the 18th (hopefully the other classes do not organize a parent-child activity on this day, also). I cannot make it on the 31st but will let you know if some relative would be able to join instead of me.
    Christine (James’ mum)


  2. Hi mrs Cynthia i will be able to come on the 31st but i have to check about the 18th pls thank i will tell you by monday Goid. Nite


  3. Dear Ms Cynthia,
    I confirm that I will be coming both on the 18th and on the 30th. Please can you inform us of any transport fee for us adults as I don’t remember having read anything about it?

    Good day,
    Elisa (Mattia’s mum)


  4. Dear Ms Cynthia,
    Does the top have to be all green or is it allowed to have a green top with a logo on the front?



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