Third term

Hello to all,

Welcome back.

Hope you have had good holidays and that all of you relaxed and had fun together.  Monday we start our Third Term.

Do not forget to bring with you:

  • apron – cleaned and make sure your name still shows clearly
  • pencil case – checked, missing items replaced, pencils sharpened and all is labelled (2 pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 ruler, 1 eraser, 1 glue stick, 12 pencil colours)
  • reference books and flashcards in your bags as we will make a lot of use of them this term.

This week the children do not need their green or blue spelling copybooks.  We will resume our selling games and dettatura from next week.

On Wednesday we will still change our library books, so do not forget to bring them in then.

We will kick off with our last Theme for this year – The World Around Us starting with the first topic – TRANSPORT.  Linking to this as well as our tradition in Junior 1, we are planning a ferry trip around the Grand Harbour.  This trip will include parents or a family member over 18 years, who would like to accompany us.  It will be towards the end of May.  As soon as I have the exact date I will get back to you about it.  Just wanted you to know.

H.W this term will remain Tuesday and Friday.  Changing library books on Wednesday.  New English words to study (Green ‘s’ copybook ) on Monday, New Malti words to study (Blue ‘s’ copybook) on Tuesday, Spelling game (SG copybook) Thursday, Dettatura (D copybook) Friday.

See you all on Monday. xxxxx


One thought on “Third term

  1. Good morning Ms Cynthia

    Hope you had a good and deserved short break.

    Thanks for the reminder with all the information.

    Have a nice weekend


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