Items sent for the holidays

Dear all,

Today I have sent home with the children:

  • apron, (to be washed and return on the first day back)
  • pencil case (to be checked, missing items replaced, pencils labelled and sharpened.  In the pencil case there should be: 2 pencils, 12 pencil colours, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 ruler, 1 glue stick)
  • readers – we have finished from these, so use together with other readers previously sent to practice your reading.
  • Easter card and gift from the children to you to wish you all a Blessed Easter.
  • Something small from us teachers for the children to treasure and remember us by.
  • Term 2 booklets – use as revision by filling up pages not covered in class.

See you all on Monday 24th April to kick off our last term.


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