Homework Tuesday 28th March

Homework for today is:

Literacy 1: pg 28-29

Numeracy: pg 31-33

Literacy 2: pg 36-37


2 thoughts on “Homework Tuesday 28th March

  1. Hello Tenishia is sick she is going to get back at school on monday if she will be ok
    For the home work how shall we do ?
    Can we do the dictacion with here because she want to do it ?


    1. HI. First of all I wish Tenisha a quick recovery.
      For homework do the same level as she had this week. Pages are pg 30, pg 35, pg 39 in Tenisha’s case.
      Yes of course you can try the spelling game and dettatura at home. It is not a problem. 🙂
      Get well soon Tenisha and see you on Monday. xxxx


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