Forecast Term 2 week 11 starting Monday 20th March

Week 11: 20th – 24th Mar 2017
Sub-topic: Fruit & food/Frott u ikel
Concepts covered:
Scientific Concepts:
 Plants – labelling parts

Moral Concepts: (Religion)
 Preparing for Easter
Literacy 1 Concepts: (Eng)
 Rhyming words
 Rhyming words (spelling words)
 Comprehension with spelling words (trap, nap, cat, fat, hot, pot)
Literacy 2 Concepts: (Malti)
 Vokabularju (frott u ikel)
 Spiċċa s-sentenzi
 Dettatura: frawla, kiwi, larinġa, banana, ħawħa, tuffieħa
Numeracy Concepts:
 Coins – value and adding in 1c


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