Outing Monday 6th March

Dear all,

The children most probably came home happily telling you that on Monday we are going out on an outing…… and that we are cooking Pizza.

It is true.  We will be going to Zeffi’s Restaurant in Zabbar where we will have time to use the playarea as well as prepare our own pizzas. 🙂

So on Monday the children just need a small back pack (wide straps please – no gym bags with narrow straps).  They need a little bit of lunch and their drink.

I have asked the children to also bring in their homework in their blue folder.  I will need to correct it before giving it to them the next day since next week they will get homework on Tuesday and Friday.

Their ‘s’ copybooks will need to be brought in on Tuesday (both blue and green ‘s’ copybooks).  I will give them their new words for English and Malti on Tuesday.  We will then hold the spelling game and dettatura on Friday.  So for this week ‘SG’ copybook needs to come in on Friday not Thursday, together with the ‘D’ copybook.

Many thanks for your kind attention.

Have a good weekend.


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