Experimenting with colours

Today in class I showed the children some experiments they can do with colour.  Follow the links below.

I’ve asked them to try them/some out at home and if they do to send me photos of the experiment (no videos as can’t load on the blog) via email so I can upload on the blog.

We will then carry out these experiments in class as a group but it is very interesting to try out experiments individually.

moving colours: https://youtu.be/9EUfVIon6t8

skittles : https://youtu.be/4FHbbc8v1Cs

milk: https://youtu.be/rqQSlEViNpk

There are plenty more they can experiment with.  These are just a few to get their interest up.  Look at it as homework with a difference.


3 thoughts on “Experimenting with colours

  1. Within the next 2 weeks preferably. Though any time the children experiment with something or create something themselves and would like to share it with others any time will be good. I will just need to upload the photos. 🙂


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