Carnival party

As previously advised on Friday 24th February, in class we will be celebrating Carnival.

On this day the children are encouraged to come to school wearing a carnival costume which is easy for them to go to the bathroom unaided and has no sharp points or full masks.  Makeup and wigs will be allowed.   On the day the children will only need their drink and the food items for the party.  No need of school bag or any books.  If they wear a jacket which is not the school jacket please make sure it has your child’s name on it.

I had asked you to let me know what you’d like to send for the party.  Thank you to those of you who responded.  Below is the list I have so far.  If I left someone out from those who told me please let me know again as I would not have written it down and forgotten – sorry.  If your name is not down here then you have till Monday to let me know what your preference is as on Tuesday I will issue the whole list.

Many thanks.

James & Salisha : Morning coffee biscuits

Emanuele & Timothy : turkey ham and cheese sandwiches

Jake Briffa: chocolate muffins

Gabriella : smileys

Zach : pizza

Katrina : Tuna Rolls

Oliver : Nachos and dip

Giulia : banana cake

Mattia : Jelly



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