Events in February

Dear all,

Here are the events happening in February.

It is a very quiet month but with lots of preparations for Carnival on top of our normal fun learning.

1st – 3rd : continue with the parents’ meetings (I am very happy to have met most of you by now as we had very productive meetings)

9th – h.w will be given today due to the public holiday the next day.  Send both ‘SG’ and ‘D’ copybooks so we hold both spelling game and dettatura

10th – Public Holiday – no school

20th – bring both green and blue ‘s’ copybooks.  New words will be given for the English and the Malti spelling games due to our outing the next day.

21st – Finally!! Our visit to ESPLORA (on the day children will only need a small bag with lunch and drink, as well as their jackets).

23rd – h.w will be given due to carnival party the next day.  Also send in both ‘SG’ and ‘D’ copybooks so we can hold both spelling game and dettatura.

24th – Carnival party in class.  Children come to school dressed in their carnival costume or in casual clothes if they do not want to dress up in a costume (we’ll find them one in our dressing up section 🙂  Costume needs to be comfortable to stay in all day long and children be able to go to the bathroom unaided.  No swords, guns or any sharp object will be allowed.  Make-up and wigs are ok but no whole face masks.  Children will only need their drink.  I would like to start asking you parents to let me know what you would like to contribute (food items) for the Carnival party.  Please send me an email about what you’d like to send in.  We will accept a few dessert items 🙂

27 & 28th – Carnival holidays – no school


Hope you find this list useful to help you manage better.  Just a reminder about what days to send in what:

Mondays – Green ‘s’ copybook

Tuesdays – Blue ‘s’ copybook

Wednesdays- yellow folder with reading books

Thursdays – Green ‘SG’ copybook

Friday – Blue ‘D’ copybook


4 thoughts on “Events in February

  1. Dear Ms Cynthia,
    Since my jelly was liked by the children at Halloween, is it OK if I prepare jelly for the party? I will give you cups and spoons too.

    Elisa (Mattia’s mum)


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