Parent volunteer for February

Now that February is round the corner, if any parents are available to offer their services in class for this month to let me know.

Zach, Sarah, Katrina and Max I have your availabilities already, thank you.


8 thoughts on “Parent volunteer for February

  1. Hello Ms Cynthia kindly these are my availabilities for the month of February :

    Mon 6. Feb
    Thu. 9.

    Thu. 16.
    Fri. 17.

    Mon. 20.
    Thu. 23. Feb

    Thanks and good week

    Giada’ dad


  2. Hi Mrs Cynthia jake is going to be away for the rest of the week.can i ask someone to give me the words of spelling game and dettatura pls?the cooybooks are at home.for the parent volunter i stay till 10.30 pls .Thank you

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    1. Hi the words including powerpoints and games are on the blog. Go on the tabs spelling game and dettatura. For spelling game find the ie sounds and dettatura it is annimali. Also if you like to send someone for his hw pls do so. I can give it to you. Get well soon Jake. Xxx


  3. Good morning thank you very much.Can we write them on the copy books the words?the workbook is with me at home if you tell me the pages or still we have to come for the hw?Thank you


  4. Hi. Yes all of Jake’s things are prepared. If you send someone else for them, please ask them to go to the office first. Get well soon Jake. We miss you in class. xxx


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