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I know it is still a few weeks away (we will celebrate Carnival at school on the 24th February) but I wanted to let you know the theme chosen by our class.  This is just in case you are still deciding about costumes and would like to stay in the theme – though it is not necessary – any costume will do.  Our theme is Mexico.

We chose this theme as it is a country with many traditions like Malta.  The people like festivities like us Maltese, and most of all because they use a lot of colours in their festivities which is also our next sub topic.

For this event we will be teaming up with the Junior 6s (like we did for Christmas), who have chosen Malta as their theme.  This way we can share and explore differences, similarities in both countries and I am sure it will be another fulfilling activity for both us and the junior 6s.   SSSHHHHHH I have a little secret to tell you, …… this time round we will have both junior 6 classes visiting us and we visit them. SSSSHHHHHHH keep it to yourselves the junior 6s dont know yet!!   🙂


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