Spelling game and dettatura

Dear all,

Just to let you know that the Spelling Game scheduled for tomorrow and Dettatura scheduled for Friday will still be happening.

I would like to point out something about these games as some parents are apprehensive.

First of all do not look at these games as tests and therefore put unnecessary pressure on the children.  Secondly with the new methodology, the children are being immersed with the words in everything they do during the week – ground work, games, activities, creative work and booklets.  So apart from writing the words on the next two columns on the ‘s’ copybooks they do not need to do much more.  Yes the children will be asked to write these words from memory but not to test them but to guide them to listen to all sounds that form a word, to use all that they have been working with during the week.  Yes obviously not all the children will be able to do this right away but that is not the end of the world.  Week after week the children will get used to using the skills learnt so far and put them in practice.

Those who have older siblings know that in the upper grades these games are used more as a means of testing and than never used or rarely used again.  Our aim is for the children to learn these words in the proper way (not just learning them for the sake of scoring in the games) and then use them properly again when needed.  The reason we carry out the spelling games and dettatura at the end of the week and not the following week like they do in the upper grades is because 1. we want to link them with the sounds being covered during that week and not mix them up with a new sound, 2. as a means of conclusion of the sounds of the week.

I hope this eases up some minds which were thinking that the children needed to ‘study’ these words ad nauseum, or that these games were like tests.  If you still have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Remember when the children bring home their copybooks, praise on their efforts – sounding the words properly, writing within the lines and not pick on the ones they get wrong.  At the bottom of the page you need to sign to show that you have seen the games and remember to return the copybook the following week on the designated days (SG on Thursday, D on Fridays).  Thanks for your co-operation.


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