New Reading Scheme

Dear all,

Yesterday we started with our new reading scheme.  The children brought home an English book and a Maltese book.  Both books are to their level of reading so now the children are encouraged to read the book to you rather than the other way round.  Some might need more help with the Maltese books.

Do not just read the book once and put it back in the folder to be returned.  Explore the book by discussing it, try to change the ending, get the children to write their own ending (even if with spelling mistakes), look up words with similar endings or similar vowel sounds.

For the English reading book, each child has a booklet.  I have marked the book they borrowed by writing the date.  Before returning it next week, you need to sign next to the name of the book and the child marks on the last column if they liked the book (draw a smiley) Image result for smiley black and white, if they did not like the book or found it difficult (draw a frowny)Related image, where indifferent to the book (draw a so so face) Image result for smiley black and white .

Both books and booklet need to be returned every Wednesday (unless otherwise stated).  I will not be able to exchange books if not returned on this day.  We remind the children before they leave on Tuesday and ask them again on Wednesday morning.  There are some children who are still relying on you to get their folders out of their bags and place it in the box.  Please make this their responsibility.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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