Parent volunteers

Dear all,

After the success of the first term where parents came in to class to volunteer for the first part of the morning, I am extending this offer even for this term.  Therefore I am asking you to let me know when your availabilities are so I can start preparing a schedule.

Many thanks and looking forward to another successful term working together.



9 thoughts on “Parent volunteers

  1. Hi mrs cynthia,at the moment i have some works going on at home i hope they will be ready by the end of the month so im not sure whenni can come during january.But in the next 2months if you do need volunteers i willcome thank you.jake b mum


  2. Good morning Ms Cynthia,

    Kindly these are my available days for January

    Thursday 19th
    Tuesday 24th
    Thursday 26th
    Friday 27th

    Just in case you may need will let you know availability for February by next week pls.

    Giada s dad


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