Events happening in January

As in previous months I am highlighting events happening this month.  It is a quiet month after the hectic months we had before term 1 came to an end.  It will be a very productive month with a lot of new learning and adventures.

  • Monday 9th: start term 2 (do not forget to bring in your cleaned apron, your pencil case, your Christmas H.W)
  • Friday 13th: trip to Centru Tbexbix (Children will only need a small bag with lunch and drink – school jackets are a must)
  • Monday 16th – Friday 27th : Parents’ meetings.   Please check note below for names and times.  Those who have not contacted me so far, please do so as by mid next week I will give out times to fill in empty slots.  Those who do not attend would have missed out on an important meeting to discuss the development of their own child.
  • Friday 20th: should have our trip to Esplora but this might be postponed to a later date.  Will fill you up when I have exact details.


  • Monday 16th: 11.10 am. Massimo, 11,20 am. Giulia, 11.30 am & 11.40 am still empty
  • Tuesday 17th: 10.30 am. Clea, 10.40 am. Giada, 10.50 am & 11.00 am still empty
  • Wednesday 18th: 11.10 am Max, 11.20 am. Tirone, 11.30 am & 11.40 am still empty
  • Thursday 19th: 8.00 am Zach, 8.10 am Gabriella, 8.20 am Sarah, 8.30 am Tenishia (all filled)
  • Monday 23rd: 11.10 am & 11.20 am still empty, 11.30 am Katrina
  • Tuesday 24th : 10.30 am Oliver, 10.40 am, 10.50 am & 11.00 am still empty
  • Wednesday 25th : 11.10 am, 11.20 am, 11.30 am, 11.40 am all still empty
  • Thursday 26th: 8.00 am Timothy, 8.10 am Emanuele, 8.20 am Jake Briffa, 8.30 am still empty
  • Friday 27th: 12.15 pm James, 12.25 pm Eve, 12.35 pm Mattia (all filled)

Looking forward to these meetings where we can discuss your child’s strengths so far and the way forward.  I cannot stress how important it is to keep to your appointment and to keep to the 10 minutes.  I will need to go back to class at the end of the sessions as I will be holding these meetings during the children’s PE session.  I will let you know if meetings will be held in class or in another area.


10 thoughts on “Events happening in January

    1. Hi Ms Cynthia,
      Hope you had a well deserved break during these holidays.
      We also wish you a wonderful second term together with our precious ones.

      Am also writing you this note as both my wife Dorianne and myself are not receiving all the emails you send on this blog. For example we didn’t receive this one I am replying to, but got to know about it since we received comments other parents sent, and we’re set to receive any comments as well besides your emails…

      Our settings look fine. Do you mind checking on your side so we do not miss out on anything being scheduled and required for us to take care of ?

      Many thanks in advance.
      Alexander & Dorianne (Gabriella Gauci’s parents)

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      1. Hi. Thanks for letting me know about this. I d suggest you unscribe and subscribe again. I did not change anything on my settings and did not block out any emails. Sorry can t really understand why it s happening.

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  1. good morning miss chintya,
    which day you can book for me o later in the morning about 12.45 o early about 8.30?
    let me know?


  2. Hi it’s Oliver’s mum – would it be possible to change to the 26th 8:30 slot if this is still available please? Instead of Tue 24th 10:30? Kind Regards


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