Parents Meetings in January

This is an update of those who have booked so far.

As I wrote in my earlier post, please send your request via the comment on the previous post so people can track what is still available.  I already have an extra booking for the 27th.  The first three are the ones confirmed, so Mrs Briffa please see if you can make it on any other day or else if anyone who is already booked for the 27th can swap with Mrs Briffa.  I will not be updating this list until we start again in January.  Thank you.

Mon 16th: Massimo, Giulia (1 slot still available)

Tue 17th : 3 slots available

Wed 18th: 3 slots available

Thurs 19th: Zach, Gabriella, Sarah (fully booked)

Mon 23rd: 3 slots available

Tues 24th: 3 slots available

Wednesday 25th: 3 slots available

Thursday 26th:  Timothy, Emanuele (1 slot still available)

Friday 27th: James, Eve, Mattia, Jake B (try and see if you can swap with another parent or choose another day please)

Merry Christmas to all and look forward to these meeting together.


6 thoughts on “Parents Meetings in January

  1. Dear Ms Cynthia,
    thank you for this opportunity.
    We should be able to make it on Monday 23rd January latest slot. We’ll await your confirmation.
    Rebecca (Katrina’s Mum).


  2. Dear Ms Cynthia,
    I hope you have had a peaceful break.
    Can you please confirm the time we should come on the 27th? I am assuming that since Mattia’s slot is the last one, we should come at 12.40, right?



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