Christmas homework

As already advised, the children are given a booklet with concepts covered during the first term to cover over the Christmas holidays.  Use your time together wisely, play games, spend time together and from time to time give the children a page from the booklet to work.  Let them try to work it out on their own to see if they remember what they need to do to come to the correct answer.  Do not just feed them the answers – you will not be helping them.

I will also be sending home:

  • The apron – to be washed and returned after the Christmas holidays.
  • The pencil case – to check items missing and replace.  Please make sure everything is labelled properly.  A lot of things are lost as they do not have any names on them.  In class I have the markers, the scissors and one glue.  This is to be returned on the first day back in January.
  • Class readers : Papa’ Mama’, Qum, Fish and Chips, Shopping List and Splash and Squelch are to be kept at home and re read.  In January we will start other readers.

Remember to enjoy each others company as that is more important than anything else.  May I take this opportunity to thank you all for all your support and co-operation throughout this first term.  A Blessed Christmas to all of you and your loved ones. xx


2 thoughts on “Christmas homework

  1. Thanks a lot for your dedication and work.

    We will do Ms. Cynthia.

    Wish you and all your family a blessed Christmas and a joyful, peaceful New Year.


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