Revision sheets

Dear all,

Today the children brought home (those who were not absent on Monday) 3 coloured sheets (2 for those who do not do Malti).

These show some revision we did in class. Mainly:

  • number ordering (before and after) up to 20
  • 2D shapes names
  • building of cvc words (3 letter words)
  • correct vowel sound
  • letter formation
  • biex tibda din? (beginning sound in Maltese)
  • Maltese vocabulary
  • Il-vokali (vowels in Maltese)

On each sheet I marked a star for concepts which the children managed to achieve, and a wish wand for areas the children need to work on.  Please have a look at these sheets and work on these areas over the holidays (you will have a Christmas pack to help you).  I need these sheets signed and placed in the children’s reference book at the back.

Many thanks.


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