Info re cribs


Some parents were asking me if they could preserve the crib the children made today.  The answer is yes.

  • Spray with clothes starch on the inside and outside.
  • Spray with insecticide as well (to prevent bugs appearing).
  • Display for Christmas.
  • Once Christmas is over, remove the statues and store in a box/container for use next year.
  • Stuff the bread with dry newspaper so the bread does not cave in, wrap all in newspaper and in a paper bag.  This will preserve it.
  • If you want you can spray it with insecticide again before wrapping up in newspaper.

Merry Christmas. xxxx


5 thoughts on “Info re cribs

  1. Good morning Mrs Cynthia,i have a small problem with the maltsese hw,i have the printer not working can i send the other 2 hw pls and then when i come for him i get the maltese with me pls Sent from my iPhone



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