Updates re concert

The big day is almost here.

I am sure all the children are very excited to show you their performance.  They have been working very hard and I am sure they will do a great job.  A bit more practice tomorrow and we’re done.

On Saturday the children come straight to St Agatha’s Auditorium in Rabat by 2.15.  They come ready dressed in their costume.  The girls can apply some light makeup if they wish.  The Egyptian queen and dancers can apply a bit heavier make up and maybe use some glitters as well.

They bring with them a small bag with a small lunch (nothing messy – no yogurts or creamy stuff) and a drink.  Please keep their jackets yourselves to avoid confusion at the end.

You drop them off in the foyer (one of us teachers will be there to pick them up).  We will be in a classroom all together.  You then go and find a good spot in the auditorium.

Enjoy the show and have fun.  At the end of the show, after all the children have exited you can come up for them upstairs on the right hand side classrooms 5A & 5B.

Thanks for your co-operation.


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