Reminder re dress rehearsal


Tomorrow (Wednesday 7th December), we have our dress rehearsal.  Please follow instructions below:

  • No school bag is needed.  Send only a small back pack with lunch and drink.
  • Children come to school in their costume with the undergarments requested in a previous post. (please check other post if not sure)
  • No need of uniform.  The children can wear the school jacket on top the costume.  Make sure it is named clearly.
  • Those children who have some parts of costume with me (wives, dancers, Egyptians), I will give it to them for the rehearsal then keep it again for the final show.
  • Those children who are not taking part need to still come to school in their uniform and just bring a small bag with lunch and drink.
  • We will all go to St Agatha together from school and be back in time for pick up.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.


4 thoughts on “Reminder re dress rehearsal

  1. Matthias s costume is short sleeves (checked again after telling you at school). Blue with alot of white embriodery. Can he wear a white poloneck or vest underneath?



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