Events/activities in December

Dear all,

Since the list of events/activities I gave you for November proved to be so useful, I’m compiling one for December.

On Going: Advent box.  One child per day will be selected to bring a food item or a toiletry to go in our Advent box to be donated to families in need just before Christmas.

1st:  Tree Deco Day: in class we will be joined by a Junior 6 class and together we are going to be decorating templates of candles and writing how we can spread the light of


1st: Concert tickets on sale from Mr Midolo.

6th: Change of library books since tomorrow we will be out of school for rehearsals.

7th: Concert rehearsals.  The children come to school at 7.50 in their costume.  They only bring with them a small bag with packed lunch and drink.  We will then go to St Agatha’s Auditorium to try out our piece.  Back to school in time to go home.

8th: No school – public holiday Feast of the Immaculate Conception

10th: Concert.  Children need to come to St Agatha’s Auditorium at 2.15 dressed in their costume.  They bring with them a small bag with packed lunch and drink.  Parents will keep any jackets themselves to avoid problems of them getting lost.  You can bring a change of clothes if you will be staying for the 2nd show (in case of siblings) and change the children after the show.  Otherwise, the children can go home with the costume which will need to be returned on Monday.

12th: Costumes need to be returned.

13th: no school – national holiday Republic Day

15th: H.W will be given due to trip tomorrow.

16th: Christmas Outing to Popeye’s Village (weather permitting).  Children will only need a small bag with packed lunch and drink.

20th: Library books will be exchanged today since tomorrow is party day.  Christmas homework booklet will be given today.

21st: Last day of term 1.  Christmas party.  Children come to school in casual clothes.  All they need with them is their drink.  I will be asking you to provide a food item to be shared in class.  Similar to what we did for halloween but on a Christmas theme.  So if you’d like to start looking and let me know what you’d like to bring please feel free.  Remember you can join up together to bring something.  On the day we will also be having a procession with Baby Jesus in the school corridors.

I am sure other items will crop up as we proceed in the month and I will advice you accordingly.  Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



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