Dear all,

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We are fast approaching Christmas and we cannot get there if we do not go through Advent.  Today in class we discussed what we do during this time.  We discussed how we use this time to prepare our hearts for the arrival of Baby Jesus.  Linked with advent is the advent calendar which most of the children have ready at home.  They are eagerly awaiting to start opening the windows to get to the chocolate behind 🙂 .

In class, and at school this year we are going to work in the opposite direction.  Every day (and I started from today to try and give everyone a chance), till we break up for holidays, I will pull a name and that child will need to carry out the advent for the day.  What does this mean???

To prepare our hearts we need to show kindness and love to others.  Therefore the child whose name is picked up is to bring either a food item or a toiletry item the next day.  These can be either wrapped in Christmas paper or not (up to you).  We will be putting these items in a box and at the end of Advent we will be donating these items to families in need.

So please if your child comes home saying s/he have to do the Advent deed, believe them and together choose an item to go in the box for the families in need.

We thank you for your collaboration.


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