For your attention

Dear all,

Since I am not going to be in class tomorrow, if you have any queries of any sort please submit them via email and I’ll try and answer them during the next few days.

Also please do not forget to let me know that you have read the email I posted yesterday regarding the Concert costumes.  A big thanks to those parents who did so already.  There were some who told me by word of mouth at school this morning.  I m sorry can you please let me know via email as with the trip, preparation for tomorrow to leave everything prepared for the teacher who will be replacing me and covering up for the absent teachers we had in our grade today, I completely forgot who they were.  Also if you have not confirmed if you need tights or skin colour tops let me know via email.  I might have found an agent who might be able to bring us skin coloured tops.  So those people who have said they will dye the top, let me know which you prefer – the dyed one (in which case please send the top by Monday 28th), or the shop bought skin coloured top.  He said it would be around Euro 6.90.  I will give you an answers by the weekend.

I have also uploaded the photos for these week’s event (see under Photos).  Discuss with your children what the activities where and what we were doing.

I hope all items bought today arrived home safe and sound and in one piece.  The children were very proud to have ‘their’ own money and that they were allowed to choose (from a selection – otherwise our bill would have been exorbitant), and that they paid themselves.  Well done to all.

I’ll see you all on Monday.  Remember there is no school on Friday. xxxx



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