Dear All,

We’ve now tried everyone’s costumes and sent those which needed alterations to the seamstress.  As soon as all items are back we will try out the costumes on the children again to make sure they fit well and then send them home.

If you want you can hand wash (dip in soapy water) – no machine wash though, certain costumes need extra care.  We will keep all head pieces and any delicate items and will give these to the children just before the show.

Below please find other items the children need to wear underneath their costumes.

** Attention : Those children who need a skin coloured top (if you do not have, please bring me a white top – I will dye it for you), and/or skin coloured tights (I can dye white tights for you, else Ms Marguerite found someone who has available 6 pairs of tights).  We will need an answer for the tights by Thursday 24th November.  If you are going to bring the white top and/or tights, please bring these by Monday 28th November as I’ll need time to dye them properly.  Many thanks.

Tenisha: white or blue tights and shoes (blue or black) can be also boots

Gabriella: white tights and shoes (blue, black or brown) can be also boots (can use the school shoes)

Clea: long sleeved black top, black or shiny shoes

Sofia : blue socks or tights, black or silver or gold shoes

Tirone, Emanuele, Jake B, James, Zach: brown socks and shoes (black or brown) (can also use the school shoes)

Katrina, Carla, Giada, Julia: yellow or white or red socks, shoes (black or blue) (can use the school shoes)

Max, Oliver: socks (black or blue), runners (can use the school shoes)

Sarah, Giulia: white or blue tights, shoes or runners (blue or black)(can use the school shoes)

Matthias: blue socks, blue shoes (can use the school shoes)

** Mattia: black socks, shoes (black/blue) (can use the school shoes), skin coloured top

** Eve, Fahr, Salisha : skin coloured tights, skin coloured top, ballerina shoes

** Leo, Jake M, Massimo, Timothy: skin coloured top, skin coloured tights or leggings, brown shoes or brown or white sandals

If you have any queries with the above please do not hesitate to let me know.  Can you please confirm that you have read this email? Also confirm that you have the items required or if you will be sending the white tops or tights to be dyed?  Do not forget to let me know if you want to get the tights Ms Marguerite managed to find for us by Thursday 24th.  The shop will only keep them for us till then.  Please send me an email to confirm.  Remember I am not going to be in class on Thursday as I will be attending a workshop about the Thematic Approach of Learning.

Many thanks.





18 thoughts on “Costumes

  1. Hi mrs cynthia, Regard the shoes for concert for jakeB i have a brown ankle boots if you eant i can show it yo you monday because he is a bit sick thank you Sent from my iPhone



    1. Mrs Briffa Difesa. Brown ankle boots will be fine for Jake. He has a long dress. No need to bring them in to show me. Hope he feels better soon. We were sorry he missed the trip today. xxx


  2. Dear Ms Cynthia

    I have read the email. I have got socks and runners for Max. Thank you Regards Veronica Abela

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. All children need the skin coloured top and tights? If yes then Matthias needs them. I can pay for them if you can source them. If not will go buy.

    Socks and shoes in blue surely have 🙂



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