Homework Friday 18th November

Homework for today is:

Numeracy: pg 19-20

Literacy 1 (Eng) pg 24-26

Literacy 2 (Malti) pg 13-14

Remember to check which page your child needs to tackle on the first page of the booklet.

Do not forget during the week you can also tempt the games listed on the forecast as well as the ideas given to you in a previous post.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Homework Friday 18th November

  1. Hi Ms. Cynthia, since Giada today is sick is it possible to tell us which of the pages she can do for homework pls? Als thanks for the lot of ideas in previous posts on what to do with our children.

    Thanks Darren Cutajar

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  2. Sry just forgot Giada doesn’t have the workbooks with her!! So will do something else for the weekend, no problem! Thanks.

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    1. Mr Cutajar. Since the books are in class she cant do much about it. I ve prepared the work for her. She ll get it on Monday. Of she was unwell she needs time to recover. Also has lots of work in her bag in the form of flashcards. Give her my love. Xxxx Get well soon Giada.


  3. Yes of course, there are a lot of things we can do and Infact she is really enjoying to learn in this way by activities and games and even me!:-) Also at the same time she s really enjoying school and even doing her homework! In addition she is really learning a lot. In fact altough I’m not expert in teaching when I first heard about this new system of teaching young kids through various methods of play and activities, I liked it a lot and I am 100% in favor of it and I believe it really works with most children! Very well done and thanks for everything.


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