Parental involvement this week

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I have to say a big well done to the parents who have attended our sessions so far.  You were great team players.   We all enjoyed your stay with us and we hope you took back with you a lot of insight about how we operate in our class.

Please remember to send in your feedback (positive and negative).

One query that was brought up today was: How we manage to carry out so many different stations if we are only 3 adults in class.  When it is just us 3 in class we do not present 6 different stations at a go.  We present 3 manned by an adult and 1 station which is unmanned and where the children need to collaborate together to work things out.  It is important to present opportunities for our children where they need to think by themselves not have everything ready and presented to them.  Once we see that all the children have gone through the different stations available for them, we change the activities to new ones and we’ll have one table dealing with booklets.

I hope this clears up some misunderstandings if there were any.

You can look at the pictures of the sessions under the tab ‘photos’.  Enjoy.


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