Multi Activity Marathon

Dear all,

As advised earlier, the multi activity marathon will be held on Monday 14th November.

We will be going out to a safe play area where the children will have fun and time for exercise plus a picnic.  On our return to school we will have some calming exercises and prepare a healthy snack.  Therefore on Monday the children need to bring a small backpack with a packed lunch and drink.  They do not need their school bags and neither their h.w.  They also need a yogurt and a fruit of their taste (strawberries, banana, kiwi, apple, cherries), a bowl and a spoon.  Please send these in a separate bag so that we do not carry them with us to the picnic area but leave them in class.

Tomorrow the children will bring in a sponsorship sheet and an attached circular.  The attached circular will explain what the sheet is for and what to do with it.  I am also attaching it here for your perusal plus a PPP highlighting the cause for this marathon.

Many thanks for your attention.




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