Events in November

Dear All,

We have started the month of November.  This is a very busy month at school so I thought I’d highlight our events so you can note them in your diaries.

  • 4th November: our first parental involvement (look for the photos later on under the tab ‘photos’).
  • 8th November: parental involvement
  • Wed 9th November: will start giving out a book from class.  This book will be in a yellow folder and will need to be returned every Wednesday.  This book is not for the children to read but for you to enjoy together.  The children might be able to recognize certain words and in this case, stop reading and encourage them to read it themselves.  You can play the ‘knocking game’, where you point to the words you are reading and as soon as your child sees a word they know how to read, they ‘knock’, you stop and they read the word.  Do not forget to send it back the following Wednesday.  I will only be exchanging books on Wednesday.
  • Wed 9th November: Teeth brushing activity.  Children will need toothbrush, toothpaste, small towel, cup.  All labelled and placed in a container.
  • Wed 9th November: Change to Winter Uniform (allowed to wear tracksuit pants and short sleeved polo shirt).
  • 11th November: parental involvement
  • 14th November:  multi marathon activity.  More info. will follow shortly but basically on the day we will be going out for a walk and a play in a safe area.  On our return to school we will carry out some yoga activities and then ‘cook’ a healthy snack.  The children will need a yogurt and a fruit, a bowl and a spoon.
  • 15th November: parental involvement
  • 15th November: Dentist’s visit to class to talk about dental hygiene.
  • 17th November: class photos.  Please make sure you have submitted the fee for this and store the receipt carefully as without it you will not be able to claim your photos.
  • 18th November: Doctor’s visit to class to discuss health and hygiene.
  • 22nd November: parental involvement
  • 23rd November: outing to Valletta Glass and Alka Ceramics
  • 24th November: I’m going to be away attending a seminar workshop about our new pedagogy – The Thematic Approach.  Will be covered by another teacher.
  • 25th November: No school – celebrating St Catherine’s day.  I will still be at the seminar workshop.

As you can see we have a very busy month ahead with lots of activities to look forward to.

We will also be starting our preparations for the Christmas Concert which this year will be held on Saturday 10th December early afternoon.  Please do let me know if your child will not be available to take part.  We will be hiring the costumes and not buying them.  Therefore as soon as I have a price and the items from the person we’re hiring from I will let you know.


LITTLE: The children might have been talking about LITTLE visiting your homes.  This is a little duckling soft toy we have in class.  The children have been told that now that they have settled down, Little will be watching out for the students’ best behaviour, kindness and best worker.  Little will then come home to stay with you overnight.  It will come with a copy book so you can write down any adventure Little has while at your house.  Do not write pages upon pages, just something short.  The children can then either draw a picture on the same page or stick a photo of themselves with Little.  Little will need to be returned the following day.  There will not be specific days when Little comes home.  It all depends on the children and how they are acting in class.

Sorry it is a bit lengthy, but I thought it might be useful.  Please do not hesitate to let me know about your participation in the Christmas concert.

Have a good weekend.  (Will upload photos later,)


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