Homework for the mid term holidays

Today the children were given their homework for the mid term holidays.

Apart from their homework booklets they also have the letter flashcards, the number flashcards, the malti letters, and the malti vocabulary flashcards.  Make use of these during the mid term holidays to enhance the learning covered during these weeks in class.  Below you will find ideas what to do with them.  Please make sure these flashcards are in your child’s bag on Thursday 3rd November when we return to school again.  Homework will need to be brought back on Thursday 3rd November, not tomorrow.

Numeracy: pgs 15-16

Literacy 1 (Eng): pgs 15-17

Literacy 2 (Malti): pgs 9-10

Interactive homework : use the links posted on the forecast.

Additional learning:

using Number flashcards 0-30: put in order from 0 to 30

using English letter flashcards : match small to capital letters

using English letter flashcards : what does it start with?  Give your child a word and ask him/her to show you what it starts with

using Malti letter flashcards : match small to capital letters

using Malti letter flashcards: biex tibda din?  Same as in English what does it start with but obviously using Maltese vocabulary.  You can use the vocabulary flashcards to help you.

using Malti vocabulary flashcards: familja only so far.  Sort out family members – masculine and feminine, young and old

Cutting skills:

During this part of the term, in class we have been doing a lot of cutting.  A lot of children lack this important basic skill due to the fact that when they are younger many of them are not allowed to use the scissors.  Teaching them and educating them on the proper use of scissors is more important that excluding them from using them.  So I recommend that during these holidays, you encourage your child to try out their cutting skills at home too.  They can create a book of letter sounds, where they draw a letter and then look up in magazines for a picture that starts with that letter.  Let the children cut it out (I will not look for perfect cutting but will be proud to see the child’s work).  They can do this for both Maltese and English.  Do not handicap the children by taking away such an important basic skill.  I will look forward to receiving these booklets made by the children themselves.  I already have the place to display them.


Have fun and enjoy each other, go out for walks in the countryside and enjoy nature.  Use your senses to listen, touch and smell .

See you all on the 3rd November.


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