Homework Friday 21st October

This week’s homework is:

Numeracy : pgs 12-14

Literacy 1 (English): pgs 12-14

Literacy 2 (Malti): pgs 7-8

May I remind you to use only pencil to write with and pencil colours or crayons to colour with.  Also please do only the page marked on your child’s homework book.  The chosen page is according to the work they submit in class.

If you want your child to ‘do more’ than use the weblinks posted with the forecast each week as these consolidate what the children would have learnt in class that week.  Filling up page after page after page of the same thing (like in the old days) does no good or extra teaching to the children.

Have a happy weekend.


2 thoughts on “Homework Friday 21st October

  1. Hi Ms cynthia jake is better than yesterday today.I did not recieve a reply about the foodfor the party.I asked you maybe jake will bring some small buns ham and chesse pls


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