May I remind you about certain items that need to be either sent to class or I need a reply about since some people got mixed up.  You can view the full posts if you scroll down the blog.  Thank you.

  • Tomorrow (Thursday 20th): 50c as donation to go towards the dogs in service
  • Monday 24th: Q tips (30) to be used for a craft activity
  • During next week : 6 halloween trinkets (to be used for trick and treat)
  • During next week: I need an answer as to what Halloween Themed food you will send on Friday 28th for the Halloween party.  I need to know so that we do not have the same or too many which will go to waste.  Please send me an email to let me know.  So far I have:
  •                                     Giulia : halloween/birthday cake
  •                                     James: halloween nuggets
  •                                     Katrina: halloween chicken mummies
  •                                     Sarah: halloween meat balls
  •                                     Gabriella: ghost sandwiches
  •                                     Eve: ghost pizza
  • Next week homework will be given on Thursday since Friday is Halloween celebration.  On the blog I will also be posting some alternative ideas to work with the children during the mid term holidays.
  • Mid term holidays : Monday 31st till Wed 2nd.  We ll be back for the next part of term 1 on Thursday 3rd Nov.
  • I am also going to post on a separate post the days we have planned for parental involvement.  Please look out for them and let me know.

Thank you for your co-operation.


12 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. Hi mrs cynthia i am jake briffas mother ican make on wednesday 23 november pls if it is possible thank you

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  2. Thanks a lot for updates Ms Cynthia,

    Regarding everything will do, but regarding the food for party will let you know because we didn’t decide yet.

    Regards Darren Cutajar Giada’s dad

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  3. Hi Ms cynthia once again i am jake briffa,s mother for the helloween party if i do some small buns ham and cheese pls is it ok


  4. Dear Ms Cynthia For Halloween trinklets I sent in 2packets of black spiders Thank you Veronica Abela Max’s mum

    Sent from my iPhone


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