Parental Involvement

As promised during our parents meeting in September we will be holding parental involvement mornings.

This term we have 5 days for you to choose from.  On each day I will accept a maximum number of 6 parents.  So check the dates and let me know when you can make it.  This term you will be engrossed in the new methodology being used in junior 1.  You will be a teacher aid for the morning.  All parental involvement sessions will be held in class between 8.00 – 10.00.

  • Friday 4th November
  • Tuesday 8th November
  • Friday 11th November
  • Tuesday 15th November
  • Wednesday 23rd November

These sessions will not be parents’ day meetings where we discuss the individual child.  You will be asked to assist with an activity at one of the tables and therefore ‘work’ with all the children in class and not only your own child.  This way you will be fully engrossed in our new system and watch the enjoyment of the children while they explore, experiment and learn in a creative way.

Look forward to your replies.  I will not be able to take in anyone unless you’ve let me know when you are coming.  Thank you for your co-operation.


17 thoughts on “Parental Involvement

  1. Hi Ms Cynthia,

    I am Giada’s dad.

    I can come any of the days listed except Friday 4th November. Just feel free to include me where you have missing number if you wish. Just please would need to know by end of month however I will just in case keep mornings of all the 4 dates free!:-)

    Darren Cutajar


    1. Mr Cutajar, I’ve put you down for the 8th November. Just in case I have more people who need this day I will contact you again. Many thanks for being so flexible.


  2. I’m jake briffas mother i can do it on wednesday 23/11/16 pls. Regarding food for helloween party can i make small buns ham and cheese pls cause he only like those pls. Thank you


    1. Hi Mrs Briffa Difesa. Re parental involvement I answered yesterday in fact. Yes the 23 rd is fine. Ham and cheese buns are good too. Please calculate about 20 buns only. Hope Jake is feeling better.


    1. Mr Spiteri. Booked for the 23rd. So far I can only take one parent. If I have more space for both parents I will let you know closer to the date. Thanks for your understanding.


    1. HI Josephine, Sorry I have no idea whose mummy you are. Still available I have 8th, 11th, 15th and 22nd since I had to move the day. Hope this helps. Good evening.


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