Animal Awareness Week and some other events next week

Next week we will be focusing a lot on Animal Awareness.  Therefore throughout the week we will have a lot of activities linked with this.

  • During the week send one or two tinned cat or dog food to be donated to an animal NGO.
  • For Wednesday 19th please send in a picture of your pet to be used as a craft.  If your child does not have a real pet they can bring a picture of an animal they would like to have as pet.
  • On Wednesday 19th, the children can come to school in casual wear depicting some Purple colour in awareness to Animals. Short shorts, short skirts or straps are not allowed.  Please make sure the clothes are comfortable and that the children can still do creative work in them.
Aid to the Church in Need is coordinating an appeal for Maltese school children to, join in spirit, the students of Aleppo in Syria. Students in Aleppo are asking for unity and peace in Syria.
This joint appeal is to make all our children aware of what is happening in Syria so on Tuesday 18th October, we will be spending some time together as a school gathered in prayers.  We would like to ask you to send a rosary bead with your child on Tuesday  to be used for this purpose.
Many thanks.

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