Malti Flashcards

Dear parents,

Thank you for returning the letter cards, cut, labelled and grouped together.

Today I m sending a batch of Maltese flashcards (vocabulary).  These need to be cut and labelled at the back.  No need for grouping.

Please place in the folder provided and send to school.

If you’re asking yourselves how many more of this ‘hw’ do I have?  The answer is one more batch but I am sending them gradually and giving you time to do them at your convenience over a week.

So thank you.


3 thoughts on “Malti Flashcards

  1. Thanks ☺ zach we’ll return school on monday hopefully . Can i come for the school work tomorrow so he can make them during the weekend please thanks regards caroline (zach’s mum )


    1. Hi Mrs Micallef.
      Send Zach our regards and wish him well.
      He has his hw booklets so he can do the : numeracy pg 11, literacy Eng pg 11 and literacy Malti pg 6. Classwork does not go home. He ll catch up in the following weeks.
      Get well soon Zach. Xxx


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