Letter flashcards

Dear Parents,

Now that you’ve all sent in the number flashcards, I am sending a batch of letter flashcards.

These need to be cut individually, labelled at the back and each colour put in a group on a rubber band.  Just like you did with the number flashcards.

Once again you have a week to send them back.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


2 thoughts on “Letter flashcards

  1. Hi ! Realised I sent Matthias s numbers without rubber bands. Will buy a packet and send some with the letters.

    Also bought the second set of wipes and tissues and the kitchen roll as have them left to hand in and should be done.

    Let me know about his colour markers as pack from faber castle was ordered and to be honest i just labelled everything without checking if anything missing.

    Matthias seems very happy in class as always talks about different kids he plays with and activities done. So glad.

    Thanks, Petra ________________________________


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