Activities first week of school

This week was a very busy week.

We started off with introducing ourselves and some children had charts which they had prepared to share with the rest of us.

We then went on to explore our names in  different activities. Later on we looked at matching letters together with same letter, with pictures to recognize beginning sound, with number sequencing and number value up to 10, with learning our body parts and finding them on our friends and in other games.

A lot of fun was on a big vibe, a lot of excited voices.  Well done little one.  Now look at the pictures taken during the week and explain to your parents what you were doing. xxxx

20160926_093411 20160926_100548 20160926_100555 20160926_100601 20160926_101728 20160926_101950 20160926_101956 20160926_122513 20160926_122750 20160926_123012 20160926_123343 20160926_123555 20160926_123805 20160926_123929 20160927_084754 20160927_084826 20160927_084902 20160927_084908 20160927_084921 20160927_115500 20160927_115523 20160927_115544 20160927_115652 20160928_085524 20160928_085547 20160928_085620 20160928_085643 20160928_085652 20160928_105225 20160928_120233 20160928_120351 20160930_114828 20160930_114912 20160930_114926


4 thoughts on “Activities first week of school

  1. Hello Ms Cynthia,

    Thanks for the updates and for sharing the lovely photos.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Alexander and Dorianne (Gabriella Gauci’s parents).

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