First day of school

Image result for orientation day clip art  Image result for orientation day clip art

Dear little ones and parents,

A few more days and we will meet.  I’ve been very busy in the classroom to make it look attractive and sorting out through our resources.  You will definately have fun.

May I remind you that on our first day we will have a liitle party to kick off the year.  Please bring some snacks, fruit, healthy biscuits, to share in the classroom.  If you send items in trays which are not disposable please write your child’s name so I will know who to return it to.

Also those of you who have already brought in all the stationery and books, can I ask you to bring a large bottle of water?  You will be the first group to bring the water.  Please write your child’s name on the bottle as well.

If you would like to prepare a small drawing or a chart to present yourself you can do so and bring it with you on Monday.  That way we will be able to get to know each other better.

Here are a few interactive games for you to play with till we meet on Monday.  Enjoy. xxx



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