Queries about some stationery items

After our meeting this morning I had a few parents asking common questions about certain items of stationery.  I’m going to answer these queries here.  If I left any out please contact me on the blog with the queries.

  • pencil case: as mentioned during the meeting this will be left in class (to avoid overweight in the child’s bag and to make sure each child always has a pencil case in class).  In here you need to place: 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 ruler, 1 glue stick, 12 pencil colours.  Please make sure each pencil and item are labeled as well as the pencil case.
  • copybooks:  these need to be covered according to the stationery list.  Wide lines – red cover, narrow lines – 3 green covers (Eng), 3 blue covers (malti).  1 narrow lines – in fancy cover and labeled ‘diary or notebook’
  • buttons: the 20 buttons need to be placed in the small plastic button folder.  Label the folder
  • apron: a paint apron is needed.  It should have been listed down in the uniform section.  If you do not have the blue paint apron, a plastic long sleeved apron is needed.  Please refrain from sending fabric ones as paint might seep through.
  • books: need to be covered in clear plastic and labeled on the front (for easy access for the children)

All items of stationery and books need to be sent to school by end of first week.  We will send things home when they are needed or when we finish from them in class.

Hope this is helpful to any who were still in doubt about something.


4 thoughts on “Queries about some stationery items

  1. Good evening, I’m Sarah’s mum and would like to ask you what kind of food should we get for the party on the orientation day pls (like sandwiches or yoghurt ?)
    Thanks again for your great presentation of today
    Looking forward to work like always one big family


    1. Hi. Any sort of party food is acceptable as long as it is healthy. So small triangle sandwiches would be ideal. Do not prepare more than 30 small triangles pls so there isn’t any waste. Thanks.


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